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  • Fearless Fighters 
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About The Founders 

Board Members

President/ CEO - Christopher Bradley 

Vice - President - Crystal Anderson 

Secretary/Treasure - Kayla Bradley 

Hazcom Warror Chairman - Daniel Coleman 

The Voice Chairman- 

The Forever Fighters Chairman -   

The Supportive Spouses Chairman - 

The Little Warriors - TJ and Jordan Anderson

The Fearless Families - Deborah Gillespie 

The Additional Blessings Chairman - 

Compassionate Christmas Chairman-  

We Stand WITH our Warriors Chairman- Scott Reeves 

​Ministry and Chaplaincy Chairmen - 

Christian Counselor - Kayla Bradley


Kayla Bradley became frustrated about 3 years after Chris was medically discharged from the Navy.    She did not know how come her life had to be the way it was.   She wished that she had someone anyone that knew what she was going through.   She had very few friends and family still around after all these years of trials and she felt that her and the family were at the end of the line.    When she went seeking she found there were a lot of people just like them.   

She looked for others and found not only were there others like her,   They also felt alone.    Before going into the Military most these people felt accepted.   While in they were Brothers in arms.    After they got out they had nothing left.  A lot loose their hope and Faith.    We strive to restore hope and Faith through Ministry.    We want to make them family again.  We strive to enrich the family environment.   

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