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The Forever Fighter's Program is to establish a support network for those service members that need it.    This is a non-judging group of men and woman who have all been fighters for our country and are either transitioned to civilian life or will soon be transitioning.   This group is for all Fighters from ALL eras of service.    We firmly believe that we can learn from the service members of the past.     

Services that we provide:

Weekly online Chats -   This is a secure chat room.   There will be 1-2 monitors of the room . This will be a safe place for the veterans.     To be part of this meeting please Email Info@lettersfromtheheartUSA.org and request to be added to this group.   Proof of service will need to be provided.  

Monthly Social -  We would like to have a social in Amarillo.  Snacks and refreshments.   This is an event for the entire family but breaking out into the different support groups is Highly suggested.    

Special Family Events -   The goal is to have 5 special events a year.  These will be determined at a later date but will be very beneficial to  help the families to create a common experience to build relationships on.    We believe this is very important especially for those still adjusting to home life following deployments and time away from family.  

Special Forever Fighters events -  This is one of the most important parts of this program.   We plan to provide 2 events a year for these men and woman to build relationships with people that know and understand what they are going through.  This will help these fighters to have others to lean on and Battle Buddies for a long time to come.    

We do anticipate in the years to come that we will be expanding this list and providing more and more services.   We can't wait to work with other programs through the area to make sure are Men and Woman are always taken care of.